Early Foundations Publishers

No parent will deny the great need for, but the short supply of, sound and wholesome books for our children and teenagers. Once our children begin to develop a taste for reading, we often are at a loss where to find the books which portray the proper atmosphere, habits, role models, life style, principles, and virtues which we hold dear. We all realize that we cannot teach our children to love the Lord. God alone can do this by His supernatural work of grace. Yet we must grasp every opportunity to impress upon their young minds the example of honesty, purity, loyalty, kindness, and respect. Well known author J. C. Philpot wrote in an article on teaching children, "Grace, we know, is supernatural, the special gift of God, and therefore is so far out of the question; but the minds of children are, for the most part, exceedingly plastic and open to impression. How well we remember the events and circumstances of childhood. Should not occasion, then, be taken to imprint on this soft, plastic clay, life- lessons? Religion, in the high, the only true sense of the word, we cannot teach children. To worship God in spirit and truth must be the alone work of the Spirit. But why should not the nicest principles of honor, truthfulness, generosity, kindness, industry, and the strictest morality be inculcated? And without ever leading them to hypocrisy or false profession, why should not such fundamental truths as the holiness and justice of God, the strictness and curse of the law, salvation by grace, pardon and acceptance only through the blood of Jesus Christ, the necessity and nature of the new birth be laid before them?" (J. C. Philpot, Sin and Salvation, pg. 159-160).

In other words, there are limits in our teaching of children but also great opportunities. Especially where our children spend a great deal of their free time in reading, we have grand opportunities to cultivate in them the virtues and principles of morality alluded to in the above quote. Having the opportunity, we are, however, confronted with the lack of wholesome books. There are many children’s books published in our days which in subtle ways bring error. This error is not so much in what is written but more in what is not written. A few obvious omissions are weeks without a Sunday, eating without praying, total absence of the Bible or references to the Bible, no acknowledgment of reality and existence of God, vague or improper role models of father and mother.

To alleviate this lack of proper reading tools, a committee of volunteers has been formed in Kalamazoo, which plans to publish wholesome children’s books. In order to do this legally, the "Early Foundations Publishers" corporation was formed. At present the committee is still finalizing the legal aspects of this corporation with the State of Michigan. The Early Foundation Publishers is a non-profit corporation with the express purpose to promote the Judeo-Christian values among young people by providing them with sound reading material.

The Early Foundation Publishers is voluntary and independent from any other organization. However, since we all need guidance and supervision, the organization has decided that it will submit the manuscripts of any book it proposes to publish to the BTB approval committee (Bible Truth Books) for review and comments. This committee consists of several current and former office bearers of the NRC, Kalamazoo.

In order to begin this publishing effort there is obviously a need for an operating fund. If you desire to support this effort to provide sound reading material for our youth (6 - 18 yr.), we welcome either your donation or your loan. If you would like to loan a certain amount of capital to this effort, you will receive an official Loan Certificate to verify what you have lent to this corporation. To cut down on book keeping, the corporation will not provide interest on your loan. Your loan will be paid back after the Corporation has established an adequate operating fund needed to finance the initial printing of the books. At present the minimum operating fund has been set at $10,000.

When sending a check, follow these guidelines,

  1. Make the check payable to "Early Foundations Publishers."
  2. Indicate clearly whether you intend to lend or donate the enclosed amounts.
  3. Send your check to Early Foundations Publishers, 3130 VanderBilt Road, Portage, MI 49024.

The corporation intends to sell each book with a small margin of profit. This profit will be used for:

  1. Building up and maintaining an operation fund, needed to publish subsequent books.
  2. Reimbursing your loan.
  3. Pay authors (royalties) and translators (lump sum).
  4. To support various mission endeavors (for example, the Bolivian Mission School).

The Early Foundation Publishers welcomes any one to contact them with regard to a manuscript you have written and would like to have published. The corporation also intends to publish translations of youth books, as well as reprint youth books which have been out of print for many years. If you have a talent in translating a youth book, we advise you as well to take up contact with us. If you have any old youth books which you find worthwhile to have reprinted, feel free to bring this to our attention. Lastly, there is also a need for illustrators to add the artwork to the stories to be published. If you have a gift in this area, then we also welcome you to contact us. The author of original manuscripts will receive a royalty equal to x-% of the publisher’s suggested retail price for each book sold. In case of a translated manuscript, the translator will be paid a x-amount depending on the number of pages of the book.

This article was written by Rev. A.T. Vergunst and published in Learning and Living magazine in the autumn of 1997.