Aileen Mol

Alien Mol was born in The Netherlands in 1976. When she was eight years old, she moved to Canada. Some time later she moved to the United States because her father was a pastor.

Mrs. Mol now lives in the state of New Jersey with her husband and six children.

Already as a child she liked to tell stories to everyone, and writing is her hobby.

Alie Vogelaar - van Amersfoort

Mrs. Alie Vogelaar was born in 1943 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. In 1984 she immigrated to Canada. From her early youth she wrote stories. Her first book was published in 1965, followed by more than 70 other stories. All were written in Dutch. About 30 of the books have now been translated into English. She is married to Rev. Cornelis Vogelaar, and is the mother of seven children and happy grandmother of a growing bunch of grandchildren.

C.M. De Putter

Mrs. De Putter is creative, not only in writing children's books, but also in baking and the making of clothing and greeting cards. She likes to be busy.

Her task as a Sunday school teacher and her activities with children gives her insight into the writing of children's books.

The author received a nomination for an award in 1999 for her book, "The Jouney of a Bear".

Diana Wursten

Diana Wursten (nee DeRover) was born in 1965 in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. When she was seven she moved to Ontario, Canada. She is the oldest of ten children.

Diana now lives in Ancaster, Ontario. She is married to Case and is a happy mother to six children and two grandchildren. After writing some Christmas stories for the Sunday school, she discovered a talent for writing. She feels it is a God-given talent that she hopes she may use for His glory. He is so worthy!

Geesje Vogelaar-van Mourik

Geesje Vogelaar-van Mourik was born on September 25, 1953. After primary school she attended the high school. After she went to work for a bank. She combined her work with a study for the secretary. Still later, she got a job at a school. They married in 1977, went live in Elspeet and had four daughters.

When she had finished her studies, she got more time and she began to write.
At age eight she wrote a story for an old brother, which was found very beautiful. "I like to write guidelines from God's Word and try to pass for social life," says Geesje Vogelaar.

Marian Schalk-Meijering

Marian Schalk-Meijering was born April 17, 1955 in Dodewaard, Netherlands. After the mulo Marian began as an assistant at Rabobank. At the same time she took various administrative courses, such as Dutch commercial correspondence and shorthand. Later, Marian became a journalist for the Daily Reformatorisch. From that time she wrote many articles and several newspaper stories.

After the birth of her eldest son, in 1977, Marian began writing children's books.

Sjanie VanDuinen

Sjanie VanDuinen was born January 29, 1946 in Dordrecht, and died on April 30, 1999.

Sjanie was unable to walk from the time of her birth. She needed help in many areas and was unable to continue her education beyond primary school. In the time she was home, she read many books. Sjanie also liked drawing. She also maintained a puzzle section in a church magazine for many years. Sjanie had enough work, but in the course of her life she found she had less and less strength in her hands.

Writing was her hobby which, over time, became her life's work.

William Schippers

William Schippers (1867-1954) was the author of many Christian youth and family novels. When he was young, W. Schippers worked as a blacksmith in a forge in a village on the other side of the Meuse. After five years he went to work in a machine shop and later in a large factory in Dordrecht as metal turner.

In the evenings after work, W. Schippers put the day's thoughts and stories on paper. This gave W. Schippers the peace he needed after the heavy work. His inspiration came from his surroundings and the people he encountered.


Heidi Schipper

Heidi Schipper was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1983. After graduating from college, she taught in elementary school for 7 years. Now she enjoys staying home with her four children. When her first two children were toddlers, she saw the need for a Bible Story book appropriate for that age level. This need prompted her to begin her writing her first book, Bible Stories for the Very Young. She enjoys the art of writing and hopes to publish more books in the future, the Lord willing.

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