Geesje Vogelaar

Geesje Vogelaar-van Mourik

Geesje Vogelaar-van Mourik was born on September 25, 1953. After primary school she attended the high school. After she went to work for a bank. She combined her work with a study for the secretary. Still later, she got a job at a school. They married in 1977, went live in Elspeet and had four daughters.

When she had finished her studies, she got more time and she began to write.
At age eight she wrote a story for an old brother, which was found very beautiful. "I like to write guidelines from God's Word and try to pass for social life," says Geesje Vogelaar.

A Song in the Inn

Author:Geesje Vogelaar-van Mourik
Retail Price:$9.95
Grade Level:3-5
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