Marian Schalk-Meijering

Marian Schalk-Meijering was born April 17, 1955 in Dodewaard, Netherlands. After the mulo Marian began as an assistant at Rabobank. At the same time she took various administrative courses, such as Dutch commercial correspondence and shorthand. Later, Marian became a journalist for the Daily Reformatorisch. From that time she wrote many articles and several newspaper stories.

After the birth of her eldest son, in 1977, Marian began writing children's books. She was nearly thirty years in the drafting of the Family Guide. Marian Schalk-Meijering has written many books for children and youth, including: Jolande in England (1984), Jerry Valiant (1990), My friend comes from abroad (1994) and Holiday in the air (1998), track Vals (2006). Marian Schalk-Meijering prefers writing for children up to twelve years of age.