S. VanDuinen

Sjanie VanDuinen

Sjanie VanDuinen was born January 29, 1946 in Dordrecht, and died on April 30, 1999.

Sjanie was unable to walk from the time of her birth. She needed help in many areas and was unable to continue her education beyond primary school. In the time she was home, she read many books. Sjanie also liked drawing. She also maintained a puzzle section in a church magazine for many years. Sjanie had enough work, but in the course of her life she found she had less and less strength in her hands.

Writing was her hobby which, over time, became her life's work.

A Father of the Fatherless

Author:S. VanDuinen
Retail Price:$6.95
Grade Level:3-5

All Will be Well, Ryanne

Author:S. VanDuinen
Retail Price:$11.95
Grade Level:6-9

The Best Prize

Author:S. VanDuinen
Retail Price:$4.95
Grade Level:3-5
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