Shelter From the Storm

Author:Cornelia Klop
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Grade Level:3-5

From the Back Cover:
Alisha fastens the clasp and puts her autograph book on the picnic table. She skips along with Grandpa to the doghouse. She sees Grandpa's worried look when he checks the dark sky.

"You think we'll have an ... a ... " What was that word again? "A tornado?" she asks with a shiver.

"I don't know, but I don't trust it." In the distance they hear rumbling.

"Thunder," whispers Alisha. Holding on to Grandpa's hand, she walks with him into the house.

Left behind on the picnic table lies her blue autograph book, the picture of a bear on its cover....


"Mom! Mom! Where are you?"

Alisha and Trevor come running into the house.

"Mom, where are you?" The whole family is sitting at the kitchen table, ready for lunch.

"We have helped Mrs. Hanson with her laundry, Mom. It blew off her clothesline. Is it ever windy!"

Alisha holds up her autograph book. "Look how nicely Aunt Jenny has written in my book! She has even drawn a picture of her puppy."

"Have you washed your hands, Alisha, and where's your bow?" Mother asks.

Alisha's dark brown eyes first glance at her dirty hands, then at her braids. One bow is missing. She shrugs her shoulders. "I still had it this morning."

With one hand she tries to hide the dirt on her new yellow shirt. A dog jumped up on her this morning when she was patting it. The shirt is only a week old. She got it just before the summer vacation, on her last day of grade two.

Mom sighs. "Wash your hands and sit down. We have said grace already."

They quickly wash their hands and take their seats.

Two heads, one brown and one blond, bow. Although they are twins, they certainly don't look alike.

Trevor and Alisha pray aloud:

"Lord, bless this food, and grant that we
May thankful for Thy mercies be;
Teach us to know by whom we're fed:
Bless us with Christ, the living Bread, Amen."


Alisha takes a slice of bread and butters it. She hears the wind outside. "We helped Mrs. Hanson," she says again. "Her wash was all over the flower garden."

"I even had to climb a maple tree to get a green sock," Trevor says. He grins. "She was so worried I would fall."

"Tornado warnings are out," Heidi says. "I heard it in the drugstore."

"Tornado? What is that, tornado?"

Alisha looks at her sister. Heidi always knows so much. She is in grade four already.

"Tomato! Tomato!" cries Brian out of the high chair. Everyone laughs.

There is so much wind with a tornado that houses and trees fall, right, Mom?" Heidi asks, looking at her mother.

Mom nods. "Yet it does not happen very often," she says when she sees Alisha's worried look. "I have never seen a tornado."

"Tomato! Tomato!" says Brian again. He points to his plate.

"A good idea, Brian," Mom says. "You'd better eat, Heidi and Trevor; you have to be at the dentist by three o'clock. Make sure you play around here. Grandpa and Grandma are coming to babysit"

"Yippee!" Alisha calls out before she licks some peanut butter off her knife. She quickly looks at Mom. Her mother does not see it since she is feeding Brian. Alisha loves it when her grandparents come.

"I am going to ask them if they want to write in my book, too," she says.

Mom reads the Bible. The chapter is about Samson and the lion. Alisha always likes that story. When Mom gives thanks, she asks if the Lord will spare them this afternoon, especially now when the tornado warnings are out.