The Torn Children's Bible

Author:C.M. De Putter
Retail Price:$8.95
Grade Level:3-5

From the Back Cover:
This book is the sequel to “Behind a Closed Door”. Chi-Pin, Sufong’s younger brother, has a plan for the teacher at school. Little does he realize how serious the consequences are for his family and also for the house congregation.


Look, there goes Sufong. Next to her is her younger brother, Chi-Pin. Sufong, who is now fourteen years old, has become quite a young lady.

Chi-Pin is six years old and no longer a toddler. Now he goes to school every day where he learns arithmetic, language and writing. They live at The Yellow River restaurant, where one can go daily for a light lunch, a bowl of soup, or a complete dinner. Their parents have built up a prosperous business.

Father, Mother, Chen the cook and Chunwang the waiter are hard-working people. For many years they have been holding illegal meetings. At least the government calls the meetings illegal. Belonging to a non-registered church, that is, a church that is prohibited by the Chinese government can result in receiving a very high penalty. Those fines are usually so extremely high that a common working man cannot pay them. Then the members of the congregation have to support each other. Leaders who have been betrayed, or because of their own carelessness have been arrested, usually face a sentence of hard labor. One day the sad news comes that Evangelist Li has been picked up by the police. According to some members of the congregation, he had been sought for quite some time already. Travelers had sometimes picked up bits and pieces of information and had warned him to be careful. However, Mister Li had just continued to go about his own business because he fully trusted in his Sender. He would say calmly, "If I have to be jailed, remember then that the Lord God is also in that jail cell, perhaps even closer than we dare to hope."

At times it was possible to get a prisoner freed by bribing a guard or a State official, but that usually costs an incredible amount of money. Some prisoners absolutely do not want that to happen on their part for fear it will cause more Christians to be arrested and jailed. Some people will do almost anything for money.

It is a good thing that Mister Li is allowed to receive mail so he is not entirely secluded from the congregation, but even this must be done carefully.

It could lead to more surprise attacks by the police, because by tracing these letters they might discover who belongs to his congregation.

* * * * * *

Sufong and Chi-Pin are on their way to mail a letter from their father, Waihong Chang, to Mr. Li. The letter is short, and he uses a sort of secret code. They had agreed to this a long time ago when they did not even know whether they would ever have to use it.

Sufong has to think about what Mister Li has taught her years before: "We are living behind a closed door, Sufong! The gospel has to penetrate our hearts."

Then she was only about eleven years old, and it was all so very new to her. Now that she is older, she can understand those words better. She now owns a Bible which she has received from Mister Li as a birthday present.

She thinks, Mister Li now literally sits behind a closed door, a jail door. Life in there must be somber and difficult. At times the loneliness must be unbearable, so that he cannot for a moment be happy.

But in this, Sufong is mistaken. Of course Mister Li would like to be free, but he will not just sit back helplessly and watch other inmates sit around waiting for their so-called freedom. A person is free only when he knows for certain that the Lord Jesus has died for his sins.

Chi-Pin, who is getting tired of walking next to his silent sister, says, "Are you angry? You're not saying much. Or are you sad?"

"No, Chi-Pin, I was just thinking about something. Come, let's go back through the park."

Chi-Pin has become an independent little fellow. Every day he goes to school by himself. He has two friends, Les-Li and Sin-Joe. Les-Li lives close to school, so they can always go together. In China almost no one has a brother or sister, because fathers and mothers are allowed to have only one child. If a second child is expected, and the doctor knows about it, that little child is killed before it is born, so many mothers are very sad. When Sufong thinks about it, she is very happy that she has a little brother.

* * * * * *

Sufong thinks it is wonderful to have a day off from school.

"Let's go, Chi-Pin. Let's see who is first to that little white bench. Run!"

Chi-Pin, with his short little legs, runs past her. Of course she lets him win.

"First... I'm first! You can't run so fast..." he says to her, panting.

"No. You're right, brother. Girls can't run as fast as boys."

"Les-Li can run fast, too, but Sin-Joe can run even faster," he says, bragging.

"Oh, I'm sure he can. I believe you, you little rascal!"