Jorrick the Little Thief

Author:A. den Uil
Retail Price:$5.95
Grade Level:3-5

From the Back Cover:
Much of the time Jorrick feels alone. His mother has to work, and his father no longer comes home. He often plays on the streets of the neighborhood with his friend Pete, and they often do things that are not allowed.

They come into contact with a man who is a leader of a children’s club. This man asks them whether they also would like to come. They hear stories that are told them from the Bible.

Then Pete gets into a serious accident.


The doorbell rang loud and long. Jorrick quickly moved his chair back and ran out of his room. He went to the bedroom at the front of the house and opened the window.

“Who's there?” he called.

“C’mon man, hurry up. I’m not planning on waiting all day for you. It’s nice weather, so we have to get going.” It was his friend Pete.

“I’m coming.” Jorrick answered.

Jorrick slammed the window shut and walked toward his room. He shut down the computer, grabbed his cap from the bed and ran down the stairs. Halfway down the stairs he felt in his pocket for the key to the back door.

“Man, you sure took a long time!” Pete exclaimed.

“Hey kid, don’t exaggerate.” Jorrick said looking at his friend with his dark eyes. “What shall we do?”

“Well, uh… today there is market. I thought we could see whether we could get some candy.”

“Do you have some money?”

Pete laughed and gave Jorrick a hard pat on the shoulder. “Come on man, what I meant is we are going to have to hurry this afternoon. It’s warm weather, so no doubt it will be busy at the market. If we can hang around by one of those stalls, and if we keep our eyes peeled, then I’m sure we stand a good chance of getting some candy. And of course we'll have to run really fast.”

Jorrick looked at his friend thoughtfully for a second.

“Don’t you dare?” Pete asked scornfully.

“I always dare to do more than you do,” Jorrick said. “I had to think about it for a second.”

“You need to leave that for a horse.”

Jorrick did not reply, but began to walk faster.

“Hurry up. That way we can still do a lot of other things this afternoon. I know of a good place where we can meet with our group without being noticed. But first of all we need to scout the place out.” He pulled his cap a little tighter over his head.

Pete gave a little chuckle. “Hey, you always have that cap on, don’t you?”

“So what?” Jorrick asked bluntly.

“I mean, it’s very noticeable.” Pete answered. “Where did you get that cap anyway?”

“That's none of your business,” was the short reply.

“Makes no difference to me,” Pete said. “The way I see it, you’re not in a very good mood.”

“I’m alright. Not long ago I saw a pretty neat DVD.”

“Were you watching that when I called?”

Jorrick nodded his head. “Yea… it was pretty neat. It was about a boy who was kidnapped. He was beaten until he was black and blue because he wouldn’t tell his kidnappers where his aunt kept all her money. Of course he didn't want to tell them anything, because his aunt always took good care of him. I thought they were going to kill him, but fortunately he was able to escape.”

“Was that all? I watched a whole lot more exciting films at my brother’s place. To be honest, my mother doesn’t like me to watch all that violence, because there are so many murders. That doesn’t make much difference to me. I will still keep watching it!”

Meanwhile they arrived at the market. Nobody noticed them because it was so crowded. Slowly they walked past some of the stalls until they came to the one where candy and other sweets were sold. They stood between several people, and communicated with each other only with their eyes.

When a woman needed something the candy-seller had to get from his truck, they both took as much candy as possible and quickly ran away. A couple of people tried to stop them, but they were too quick.

Quickly they stuffed everything into their pockets. When they were far enough away, they began to walk slower. They smiled at each other.

“That worked out great didn't it?” Jorrick said as he laughed loudly.

“You should have seen their faces,” Pete agreed.

Suddenly they were frightened by a voice close by. “There they are!” Immediately they took off running.

When they came to a fork in the road, Jorrick ran one way and Pete ran the other. Jorrick slowed down a little and looked back. Happily there was no one to be seen. Soon they would catch up with each other. He looked at his watch and began to walk faster. Suddenly he stopped walking. He wanted to turn around and run back, but he couldn't. He felt a hand grabbing him by the collar, and he heard a stern voice saying, “Well now, young man, why are you in such a hurry? It looks like someone is after you!”

Jorrick tried to pull himself loose, but he couldn't. His mind was racing. He really wished Pete would show up, because the two of them could fight off this man.

He looked at the man and was surprised at his friendly face. That stern voice really didn't fit with those eyes. Suddenly he wasn't angry anymore.

“Can I let go of you,” the man asked, “or will you try to run away?”

Jorrick was fascinated by the man’s eyes. They looked so friendly. He had never seen such blue eyes before. But still it seemed as though they were looking right through him. Jorrick felt uneasy. His hands touched his pockets and felt that all the candy was still there.

He shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, “You really have no business with me.”

“That is true, but I still think it is nice to meet you. Were you running away from someone?”

“Why would I be?” Jorrick asked, looking at him defiantly. He felt the man release his grip on his collar, but he didn't think about running away. Something kept him from doing that.

“Ah,” said the man, “it really doesn't make any difference to me, but now I want to ask you something else. Do you have a lot to do this afternoon?”

“Not really. I'm waiting here for my friend.”

“Would you like to go along with me?” the man asked.

“Where to?” Jorrick asked curiously.

“Well… I am on my way to see a bunch of boys and girls. They will be meeting this afternoon to play some games and work on some hobbies. While they are doing that, I hope to read a story to them. So if you and your friend are interested, you may come too.”

“I don’t know. How far is it?” Jorrick asked.

“Well, even though I’m going there on my bicycle, it's really not very far from here. We are meeting at the clubhouse, ‘The Eagle.’”

“I know where that is,” Jorrick said.

“Are you coming along?” the man asked.

Jorrick was surprised that the man kept on pressing him. He wasn't sure what he should do. On one hand, Pete wouldn't know where he was staying. But on the other hand he was drawn to this unfamiliar man. No doubt he could do him a favor.

“Alright” Jorrick replied.

“Great! Jump onto the back of my bike. Maybe we will see your friend along the way. If we do, he may want to come along with us. What is your name?”


“Nice name. You may call me Uncle Bas. Everyone calls me that. If you have a problem with it, you may call me Mister Bas.”

Smiling, he got on his bicycle. Jorrick jumped onto the rear carrier. He felt kind of strange. Whatever made him agree to go along with this strange man?