The Frenchman from Geneva

Author:P. deZeeuw
Retail Price:$13.95
Grade Level:3-5
It is the summer of 1536 in Geneva. A coach stops in front of the watchmaker’s house, and a nobleman traveling under the name of Charles d’Espeville steps out of the carriage. Just like many of his countrymen, he has fled the persecution in France. His real name is John Calvin. It all begins in Paris when Calvin is a student. There he meets the winemaker Cavier from a nearby village. Later Calvin asks him to protect a portion of his Institutes. He meets the winemaker and his family again in Italy, another dangerous area for Protestants. Cavier and a peddler named Antoine devise a plan for Calvin to escape his enemies. Certain to provide hours of reading pleasure, this book contains three exciting stories that bring events of the Reformation to life.