Give Me Your Heart

Author:Rev. D.W. Tuinier
Retail Price:$17.95
Grade Level:3-5

From the Back Cover:
You will read a small portion of the Bible every day by means of this daily meditation book. The Lord uses His Word to teach and convert His children, and often He does this when they are young. In this book you will read about those who feared the Lord in their youth, and what a blessing that is. However, in this book are also examples of those who did not fear the Lord, and the fearful consequences.

In addition, various happenings from out of the Old and New Testament are explained. There are also a variety of themes: once in a while it will be about the psalms, other times about prayer, God’s House, traveling, or autumn time. At the close of each day’s meditation you will find a psalter verse to sing.

These meditations are for ages 8 and older.

Originally published as Geef Mij Je Hart , which is not intended to be a direct Bible quotation.